Beautiful Tails™ & Apache River™ Apparel for Horses, Riders, and Dogs. By, Norman Equine Design
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Apache River™ Clothing

Apache River™ Overalls

          You will no longer dread winter riding or barn chores when wearing the Apache River™ Overalls. They are warm, comfortable, and made to last. The short nap of the fleece makes this fabric resistant to hay and shavings. Breatheable, windproof, and more water resistant than regular fleece, this fabric has a thin waterproof film laminated between two layers of light 200 weight fleece. Choose from Ultra Suede™ knee patches OR a full seat. Pictured to the left are the caramel overalls (left), and the cranberry overalls (right).


Apache River™ Fleece Headband
Head Band
This Head Band is warm and comfortable. On cold, windy winter days, it both keeps your ears warm and your hair out of your face. Lots of colors and patterns to choose from. matches any of our Apache River™ Clothing. Call 1-800-348-5673 for availability.

Apache River™ Fleece Mittens
Have we got the warm mittens for you! Made of 2 pieces of 200 weight fleece with a layer of laminate between, they will keep your hands warm and toasty. Available in a wide variety of Plaids, Prints and Solids. Call 1-800-348-5673 for availablility and to place an order!